Jesús Burgos Maciá

First week at Recurse Center!

Recurse Center

Today I’m finishing my first week at RC. Yay!

I’m struggling to get used to this, which I guess means that I needed to go through this experience.

The fact that I’m feeling overwhelmed I think means that I haven’t been challenged enough for the past years, feeling challenged is a crucial part of the process to learn in my opinion so this has to be good.

Other recursers are doing great work and wonderful presentations. I’m lucky to be surrounded by them for the next few months.

I’m currently researching the source code of Puma. I’ve set myself the goal to make a significant contribution to this project, on which I’ve never contributed before. I’m having fun discovering its internals and also wondering where this research is going to lead me to.

I keep reminding myself that even if I can’t make good contributions to the project the journey will be worth anyway just for the experience & the fun of hacking.