Jesús Burgos Maciá

Summary of Dropbox gems

Some time ago I wrote the dropbox_api gem, this is a client for Dropobox’s API.

I wasn’t the first one to write a gem for Dropbox, and currently there’re a few ones available. If you need to use the API, you probably have to spend a bit of time researching which of the Ruby libraries suits you better. I’m writing this post to summarize the current status of all these gems and help you out making a choice.

Here’s the list of all libraries available in Rubygems:

Gem API Supported endpoints Latest release Downloads Documentation
By Jesus Burgos Macia (me!)
v2 41 November 2018 210K+ YARD
By Dylan Waits
v2 28 July 2016 60K+ YARD
By Tammy Pop
v2 7 October 2017 7K+ Readme file
By Tim Morgan
v1 deprecated July 2011 100K+ Readme file
By Dropbox Inc.
v1 deprecated July 2015 750K+ -
By Base Lab
v1 deprecated May 2015 115K+ Readme file
By Casey Scarborough
v1 deprecated June 2013 5K+ Readme file

So, it’s clear that you can discard the bottom 4 libraries.

Now it should be easier for anyone to make a choice looking at the table data. But if that’s not enough, a sneak peek at the documentation link will hopefully clear out your doubts.